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To thrive in today's climate, organisations must be prepared to respond quickly and effectively. In a marketplace challenged by new disruptive business models, we help organisations to invest wisely and innovate widely to stay competitive.

Being agile and using digital technology to reimagine your products, services and the way you communicate with customers is vital. And by combining global expertise with local insight, we help Dutch organisations to realise a business model that is fit for the future, delivers large-scale transformation and unlocks the huge potential of digital technology. By focusing on our clients unique challenges and taking a highly pragmatic approach, we deliver exceptional results fast, while ensuring that our work creates sustained value for your organisation.

We combine unconstrained thinking with deep industry knowledge in advanced manufacturing, financial services and government – and we have strong expertise in areas such as digital, data, business design and change. We can help take your organisation to the next level and create sustainable competitive advantage.

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PA in the media

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  • ServitizationWe're uncovering critical insights and finding out about best practice in servitization through a survey of senior management in over 60 large European manufacturing companies. 01/03/2017
  • Digital business modelsNew PA research assesses digital business models within automotive and industrial sectors, findings reveal six emerging 'phenotypes' to drive growth and efficiency 28/02/2017
  • Growth HackingGrowth hacking will enable you to successfully launch and grow your product or service quickly against a small budget. 27/02/2017
  • Prioritising and managing for a results-oriented programme and project portfolioIncreasing market pressure creates the need to invest in the IT developments that add the most value and implement these as quickly and efficiently as possible 15/12/2011
  • IT cost control: trading off projects against servicesBy taking an integrated view of projects and services when looking for savings, the CIO can avoid gambling with the business's future 16/03/2010
  • Driving sustainable innovation in manufacturingManufacturers are spending more on innovation but our research shows half of the ideas they generate fail to become a reality. So how can they ensure their innovative ideas turn into commercial success? 07/06/2016

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