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Diversity and inclusion in action

How embracing our differences makes us a stronger team 

At PA we place a high value on the potential of each individual and strive to create a vibrant, dynamic and exciting environment in which each of us is able to contribute to our fullest. We achieve this by carefully listening, to understand how we can best support the diverse needs of our talent pool, and then responding with measures that maximize opportunities. 

Our business practices and policies ensure opportunities are transparent and equally available to everyone, regardless of gender, race, disability, religion, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age or marital status.

Our clients operate in many countries across the globe, and we actively seek to employ people with different backgrounds, ideas, styles and skill-sets, all of whom contribute to our success and our clients success in unique ways.  

The following accounts exemplify what it’s like to be part of a PA team

Consultant's experience

Veronika Radionenko, IT Advisory

Louise Petri, Information Technology

Roselyn Cason- Marcus, Partner Talent Acquisition

Veronika Radionenko, IT Advisory

1.Tell us about your background

Having been born in the Soviet Union, I inherited a mentality that is divergent and alien to Western countries. Moving to UK after college was a significant cultural shift due to differences in styles of thinking, communication and particularly education. Despite receiving higher education in the UK, my heritage still has strong influence on my approach to tasks and work with others on projects. 

2. Where have you seen great examples of inclusion at PA?

Religious and cultural festivities can at times be a contentious issue within organisations as they tend to be biased towards the residing country’s celebrations. During my time at PA, I have been able to maintain a strong tie to my own celebrations as I am surrounded by people who are educated and aware of global cultures and recognising these celebrations to have equal importance to their own.

3. What benefits do you think diversity brings to a client? 

Diversity in PA teams has allowed us to bring value to our clients by allowing us and our client to relate to and target a wide base of people around the globe. Understanding of different cultures has also helped PA to build strong working relationships with their clients. Very recently a client was looking to target a consumer group which spanned globally with no barriers to race, gender, religion or educational background. By diversifying our team, we were able to avoid mis-communication based on cultural differences and able to input knowledge from our own background to target the relevant consumer groups, saving both time and money. 

Louise Petri, Information Technology

1. Tell us about your background

I have a Masters degree in Innovation and Business Development from Copenhagen Business School and I have worked in PA since 2007. I started my PA career in Denmark and moved to the Norwegian office in 2011, where I am currently based. My projects have been mostly Nordic, some with European reach, which has given my work an international flavour. 

2. Where have you seen great examples of inclusion at PA? 

I could mention many projects I have worked on at PA that have brought together colleagues and clients from different parts of the world; and working within international teams has really helped to broaden my own perspective. 

One great example of inclusion at PA that I would like to highlight is our ‘Giving Back and Volunteering’ (GBV) initiative, where consultants contribute a given number of working days to non-profit organisations that are in need of consultancy. Through this we help them to become more effective, strengthen their position and build competencies, and we also assist with other immediate needs. Personally, I have found this initiative very rewarding, as it has allowed me to interact with different types of clients than those I normally work with, broaden my network in a different area, and do something for the benefit of the wider society. 

A more social example of great inclusion is my experience of PA’s Onboarding course in the UK. Here I met with a group of new joiners from across our geographies, and a pool of us got along really well. This small international group of people have kept in touch, and since Onboarding I have travelled to different destinations to meet with them for various events. I have always considered PA’s international network one of the firm’s key strengths, which benefits me both professionally and personally.

3. What benefits do you think diversity brings to a client? 

Diversity is key to the exceptional results we deliver for our clients. One of my recent assignments would not have had the same level of successes without the diverse insights, capabilities and experiences from my PA colleagues. We were a core team brought together from across different geographies, and with different experiences and backgrounds. Our skills included strategy and industry expertise, in-depth methodology knowledge, and strong project management, production, communication and collaboration skills. The client benefitted not only from our collective skills as a team, but also from our individual capabilities; for example when a particular challenge had to be addressed. Furthermore, the international perspective we brought was essential for the assignment, since it had reach all over Europe. The client could use PA as a single touch-point, which eased and strengthened the pace, quality and content of the delivery. 

Generally, I believe our clients share our appreciation for diversity, since it challenges existing ways of viewing the world and leads to a better end result.

Roselyn Cason- Marcus, Partner Talent Acquisition

After over two decades with PA it still feels like a huge, epic adventure. From the first when I joined PA in the US, I knew PA was a special, magical place with very clever people who looked at the world of professional services completely differently. 

I feel more like an ambassador than a recruiter given that I have traveled to every major geography that PA has an office and had the privilege of contributing to the growth of that office through my role. PA is so diverse in its disciplines that it is initially challenging for those outside of the firm to grasp everything we do! Believe it or not it's the same for me as each week I discover more amazing, complex engagements or products PA consultants have helped clients deliver and develop. As a firm we constantly reinvent ourselves and are also encouraged to do so within our own career. Over the years my role has broadened to include leadership, consulting, mentoring and coaching, career counselling and public speaking. PA provides a platform for you to utilise all of your ambition, talent and passion with others cheering you on and willing you to succeed".

PA is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where every individual is respected and engaged.

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