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"We are looking for talented people who value a culture based upon respect, collaboration and new ideas, and who have a passion for delivering solutions to the most complex and challenging issues affecting the private and public sectors."

Alan Middleton, CEO

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Career progression - business support

Creating value through business support

PA Consulting Group’s business support team is critical to the company's success. Our support functions include administration, company secretariat, finance, group systems, HR, information services, marketing and operations. Our business support teams deliver exceptional value to internal and external stakeholders by providing innovative solutions to business needs.

Thinking and acting as owners of the firm

All our people have the opportunity to become shareholders in PA and are therefore entitled to think and act as owners of the firm rather than just as 'employees'. As a result, we have a highly motivated, 'can-do' business support team and we look to attract like-minded people who are keen to build a career at the leading-edge of the consulting industry.

What it means to be a member of business support at PA

To attract and retain the best members of business support, we endeavour to offer a rewarding career. The types and levels of work will be varied and demanding but the opportunities for gaining experience and learning are continuous, allowing you to develop deeper and broader skills. Your potential rewards are significant and commensurate with the type of work undertaken and the results delivered by you. 

Of course, just as we seek to ensure that the experience overall is better than in any other business career, the level of output we expect from you on assignments is more demanding than any other business career: 

  • a high quality of thinking is demanded by the nature of the work undertaken 

  • commitment to high-quality output is required at all times 

  • the effort that has to be put in during each hour of the day will be greater than in many other firms. 

PA offers a transforming experience to all members of business support. After a number of years at PA, the skills you develop will have transformed you into a more accomplished person: 

  • professionally; to be the best you can possibly be both in terms of the skills you bring to bear on problems and the way in which you conduct yourself 

  • interpersonally; through the behaviour you display in the way you interact with colleagues at the company and more widely in the way you relate to other people both inside and outside your professional life 

  • internally; in terms of your self-confidence and your understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses, and in the sense that you can be proud of your accomplishments during your career in PA. 

Such a transforming experience has to be based on continuous learning throughout your career. The consulting environment is unique in that it offers to all of us, at all levels of the firm, an accelerated learning experience because it is such an intense and varied profession. However, such learning does not take place automatically. You must have a commitment to learn and develop throughout the entire span of your career at PA. In addition, there must be a commitment to coach and mentor others within PA, as your own career develops towards more senior levels. 

Your primary objective as a member of business support is to provide your internal and external clients with optimal service. Business support members are a key asset, and so overall development and progression of your skill set is crucial for the company’s overall success. 

Here are some of the core personal skills and competencies we look to you to develop as a member of business support: 

Personal attributes 

  • high level of motivation

  • good communication skills 

  • ability to establish rapport with others 

  • ability to inspire and develop others 

  • ambitious, but co-operative in working towards shared goals 

  • self-confident

  • can handle change positively and constructively 

  • can manage own time effectively and stay focused under pressure 

  • aware of own feelings while responding appropriately to others’ 

  • trustworthy and ethical. 

Knowledge and skills 

  • have an excellent knowledge of relevant IT and business systems and processes 

  • work continuously to achieve expertise in own field 

  • able to see own expertise in the overall business context 

  • manage and develop others 

  • contribute ideas to improve work processes 

  • able to understand the real causes of problems and to develop appropriate solutions

  • absorb new knowledge quickly and effectively. 

Training, coaching and mentoring

To progress in your PA career, you'll need to demonstrate a willingness and aptitude to undertake demanding tasks, roles and responsibilities. To help you grow, you will receive training, coaching and mentoring. As you develop your skills, experience and ability, we will endeavour to offer you the opportunity to move into a new or expanded role and be recognised for your outstanding performance. 

If you have the experience and talent to work with high-calibre colleagues in a complex and delivery-oriented company, we would like to receive your application. It is not just what you have done that is interesting to us – it is what you are capable of achieving.

Find out about our current opportunities: experienced professionals or campus recruitment. 

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