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The difference we make

Using a unique blend of product, service and business redesign, we help retailers reimagine, reinvent and enhance their customers’ experience. We apply an agile approach to implementing leading-edge technologies, including physical, digital and automated processes, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. We are driven by results, and our experience is deep and wide.


PA opinion

  • Great technologists will be tomorrow's rock stars – but they don't want to work in infrastructureInfrastructure is now at the heart of the UK's economic recovery. In fact, major infrastructure investment promises to help solve some of the UK's longstanding economic challenges, whether it's feeding the Northern Powerhouse with high-speed rail links, supercharging productivity with superfast broadband, or securing energy supply through nuclear power. 18/04/2017
  • Are you ready for the Customer 4.0 revolution?As customers today – be that consumer, citizen, business-person, or patient - we're more empowered than ever before, enabled by proliferating choice and hyper-connectivity. We're also increasingly focused on end-outcomes rather than just features, brand, and even experiences. Organisations who fail to recognise this fundamental shift risk a rapid decline in relevance and value to their customers. Welcome to the world of Customer 4.0. 02/03/2017
  • The customer-led revolution: Responding to Customer 4.0Proliferating choice and hyper-connectivity mean customers are more empowered than ever. Technology and generational dynamics have changed the way people connect and relate, placing customers at the centre of their own universe 28/02/2017
  • What's the big thing in retail? Retailers must move from transaction thinking to customer thinking, and learn how to maximise customer lifetime value by creating superior and seamless customer experiences across multiple channels. 30/01/2017
  • What's on the innovation agenda?Over 600 innovation professionals recently descended on Copenhagen for the Innovation Roundtable Summit. PA technology innovation expert, Karl Havard, discusses his three takeaways from an event packed full of debate and discussion. 27/01/2017
  • Digital customer journeysDue to disruptive digital technologies customer experience is changing. This whitepaper provides a new international framework for digital customer experience. 12/04/2016

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What we can do for you

Several forces are dictating the pace of change in the retail sector: advancements in technology combined with consumer adoption, attitudes and behaviours. In short, consumers are in control – and while customer-centricity is an achievable reality, it’s not easy to bring about. We understand, first-hand, the reasons making it difficult for traditional retailers to keep up. And we have deep insights into the challenges CPGs and FMCGs face in re-inventing parts of their business to build direct consumer relationships.

One of the biggest challenges such retailers face is knowing where to start. That’s why we have built our CX Retail Profiler. It doesn’t matter what stage you are at, or what type of business you’re in – if direct-to-consumer is a key part of your business strategy, this powerful resource provides clarity around where to focus and invest.

Client stories

Client story

How we’ll work with you

As with all our clients, we’ll work in partnership with you in a truly collaborative manner, using our agile approach to ensure we move fast by testing, learning and enhancing as we go. We’ll enjoy the ride together, aligned on our performances goals and sharing in the satisfaction of mutual success. Above all, we’re responsible and accountable at all times for the outcomes we commit to delivering.


Find out more about our work in Retail.

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