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Federal and defense


The defense community faces a range of complex and evolving security challenges at a time when budgets are strained and uncertain. Military leaders recognise that the answers are rarely simple or static.

We draw on our extensive experience of analyzing complex issues – from improving the performance of major programs and capabilities to advising on strategies to combat transnational organized crime – to help defense groups under near-term pressures take a strategic, forward-looking approach.

Combining system dynamics with other analytical approaches, we provide the clear strategic view and rigorous analysis required to rapidly evaluate options, adjust strategy and prioritize efforts in order to help leaders and organizations achieve their objectives at a lower cost.

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Client story

We helped a fortune 500 company to identify strategic growth opportunities.


PA’s Tom Mullen, defence expert, shares insights with Bloomberg Advantage Radio on the impact of the upcoming Presidential election on defence spending.

US defense 193x88
  • Delivering major programs – our experts help leaders in the US Department of Defense (DoD) to reduce cost, assess risk and conduct rapid what-if option analysis on some of their largest, most complex programs. Unconstrained by conventional thinking, we use advanced analysis techniques to provide early assessments of cost and schedule risk, analyze trade-offs, prioritize functionality against war-fighter needs, and drive program change and improvements that deliver lasting impact.

  • Optimizing strategic asset management and reducing cost – we support the DoD in reducing total ownership costs for some of its most expensive platforms, without compromising performance. By modeling the life-cycle of high-value assets, such as nuclear submarines, we can help managers to deliver exceptional results through more effective maintenance plans, investments and deployment schedules, as well as improved metrics and risk evaluation. 

  • Informing capability and investment prioritization – we bring the right team to analyze key security challenges and rapidly evaluate how strongly potential programs and investments influence strategic objectives. Combining our analytical expertise with a practical approach, we provide clear timely input to difficult budget decisions. 

  • Improving military planning and assessment – we customize advanced analytical methods to support difficult aspects of military planning and assessment. We develop analytical methods and constructs to better organize and utilize data, support critical thinking and communication across planning and assessment teams, align partnership strategy with strategic objectives, and incorporate scenarios related to strategic shifts and emerging challenges into core planning efforts.       

To find out more about how PA can help you achieve your strategic objectives, contact us now.

To find out more about how PA can help you achieve your strategic objectives, contact us now.


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Nick Newman
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