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Asset management

The difference we make

We help you manage your assets in a way that improves reliability, increases customer focus and makes your operations cleaner. By balancing cost, performance and risk, we help you maximise the value you get from physical assets, people, data and intellectual property.


PA opinion

  • Why smart grid changes the game for asset managementThe dramatic and growing impact of smart grid technologies on facilities means energy companies must now add more and increasingly complex assets to their asset management portfolio. As a result, many now need to consider implementing more complex asset management systems. 13/11/2015
  • Asset management: achieving more by focusing on value deliveredBy adopting an approach that focuses on the value assets deliver rather than on the assets themselves, utilities can use asset management to support their most pressing business objectives: higher performance, lower cost, less risk and sharper customer focus. 13/11/2015
  • Utility analytics: improving service, reducing cost and increasing reliabilityUtility analytics can unlock the power of data by coordinating various forms of information across organizational departments, applications and databases. Our white paper outlines in detail the six phases of the methodology utilities need to follow. 04/02/2015

PA in the media

What we can do for you

Our global team of asset management experts can help you think about asset management in a new way. Drawing on the deep industry knowledge, we help align asset management policies, strategies, procedures and activities to business objectives while also ensuring adherence to regulatory obligations.

Our expertise covers:

  • Road mapping: helping you construct the journey from current business models towards holistic asset management, covering changes to people, organisation, process and technology, and building the business case for change
  • Assessing competency: using industry best practices to assess clients’ competency in managing assets, deploying asset management principles, implementing an asset management system or identifying improvement opportunities
  • Assessing risk: creating risk profiles for multiple assets and asset classes to incorporate into your decisions on asset maintenance and replacement
  • Optimising spending: developing models to help you make better decisions on capital, operations and management expenditure, incorporating cost, risk, performance and value
  • Managing performance: identifying the right indicators to help strengthen the way you manage performance and cost, mitigate risk and capture value, to improve the effectiveness of the asset management organisation
  • Regulatory reporting: providing independent assurance that your business adheres to regulatory obligations, including reporting requirements for regulated assets, to boost both business and regulator confidence
  • Technology support: developing data-intensive, fact-based decision model to enable your capability to use data to evaluate risk, understand reliability and performance, and get more from your capital and O&M spend.

Client stories

Client story

How we’ll work with you

We’ll bring together people with exactly the right mix of global insight and local expertise. So you’ll get a team who really understand the challenges in your country, but also the wider trends shaping your sector worldwide.


Find out more about our work in energy and utilities.

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