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Recognizing North American utilities that provide outstanding reliability

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2016 ReliabilityOne Awards winner image

2016 ReliabilityOne™ press release

Last night (16 November 2016), PA Consulting Group (PA), a global management consultancy, announced that the reliability performance of the nation’s power utilities improved for the fourth consecutive year. PA introduced the findings at the 16th Annual ReliabilityOne™ Awards ceremony at which Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) won the National ReliabilityOne™ Excellence Award for the second straight year. PA also released next generation utility trends and honored eight additional utilities.

The energy industry has faced upheaval over the last several years driven by new technologies, customer demands and regulatory intervention. With the reliability of the electric system absolutely critical to the economy and to the lives of customers, new challenges are emerging for industry leaders. In the face of these challenges, top performing utilities must identify opportunities to improve reliability, storm response and customer engagement while keeping costs and rates under control. 

“The customer reliability experience is key to moving utilities forward, it must be at the center of all that we do, from planning and prevention to restoration and communications,” said Derek HasBrouck, PA Consulting Group’s ReliabilityOne™ Program Director. “The leading utilities are moving away from dependency on the customer to report failure to an era in which we can now see and act on signatures of impending future customer failures – a paradigm shift is happening now that will lead us to what the next generation utility will look like going forward.”

For 16 years, PA has been conducting a reliability analysis of the nation’s electric utility industry based on data from the National System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI), which is the average outage duration for each customer served by power utilities. The index showed a reduction in IOU (investor-owned utility) average outage duration by almost a minute in 2015 to 108.6 minutes – the fourth year in a row with a decrease. The utility reliability trends identified are the result of PA’s in-depth analysis undertaken as part of the process to identify the top performing utility and winner of the ReliabilityOne™ award.

For additional insights and analysis, read the full press release >

ReliabilityOne™ Analyzer and user community

We believe electric reliability is fundamentally important in the world. Our mission is to help our clients improve reliability and we are taking the next step in this mission by establishing a reliability community where we all help each other in this important goal.

The basis of the community will be founded on analytics that help us understand the root causes of good and poor performance in our systems and the effectiveness of strategies we employ to improve. The value in this community is that it will be a curated environment where utilities can securely share valuable information they derive from analytics with each other.

Our goal for the community is to eliminate poor assumptions and replace them with facts that are quantified by analysis and verified by other community members. In this way we believe reliability will improve across the industry.

Click here to register interest and learn more about the ReliabilityOne™ Analyzer and user community >

ReliabilityOne™ Analyzer Optimizer Strategy - Weather and Time variables

As part of our ReliabilityOne™ program, PA has been collecting and analyzing electric system reliability for over 25 years. Our reliability dashboard provides an instant means to examine reliability metrics, and compare your reliability performance (as measured by SAIDI, SAIFI and CAIDI) against our national database.

PA's reliability performance dashboard allows you to explore electric reliability and how it varies by state, time and class of utility.

Access dashboard

Electricity reliability map

Public Power Reliability & Safety Analysis

For over 25 years, PA Consulting Group has been collecting and analyzing electric system reliability, looking at operational trends across electric utilities in the US. As the leading source of reliability data and insights, we offer comprehensive analyses looking at Electric System Reliability, Restoration, Response and Safety that support and align with Public Power’s ambition to provide better reliability.

The importance of Electric System Reliability, Restoration, Response and Safety has grown substantially in the past decade. System reliability is a critical measure used by regulators, customers, and senior management to evaluate performance. Reliability is one of the most important performance measures in the industry and can drive customer satisfaction, regulation mandates, and employee morale.

Learn more

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For more information about ReliabilityOne™, please contact us.

Gregg Edeson

Gregg Edeson,
PA energy and utilities expert

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