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government and public sector

Our mission is to transform and improve public services. We work with the full spectrum of government and the public sector, from central departments through to universities and local service providers. 

We can help you create or remodel services, making the most of the latest technology, getting value for money and making life easier for the people who use them.

Here’s what we can do:

  • Understand and interpret what people need from your services.
  • Build and prove cases and sourcing strategies for the changes and investments you want to make.
  • Re-design organisations to make them more effective and more agile.
  • Deliver major change: from implementing new IT to developing the workforce and embedding complex culture change.
  • Improve budgeting and sourcing processes and outcomes.
  • Help you exploit the opportunities and deal with the risks involved with digital technology, including delivering innovative and award-winning services.

Latest insights
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PA opinion

  • The big issues: what keeps UK charity leaders awake at night?How to improve efficiency and increase value? How to stop governance stifling agility? How to set strategy in a rapidly changing market? You might suppose these are the questions that keep private equity investors awake at night. In fact, at a recent event, we found they weigh on the minds of many charity leaders too. 01/02/2017
  • Higher Education Report 2016PA's Higher Education Survey 2016 presents the views of UK university leaders on the multiple policy disruptions facing higher education providers. 16/11/2016
  • Single vendor contracts are so 90s! So what's next?The balance of power has shifted away from single vendors to a multi-supplier arrangement that offers the client organisation increased control over project direction and the ability to incorporate their own changing priorities. 18/11/2016
  • National Cyber Security StrategyPA's Security experts have analysed the National Cyber Security Strategy, distilled its key themes and are delighted to present a set of insights. 21/10/2016

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