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Adult social care


Councils are facing unprecedented challenges, with increasing needs of a rapidly growing older population and at the same time financial demands for continuing reductions in cost. To maintain and improve service quality in Adult Social Care under these circumstances while making it sustainable for the future, traditional cost-cutting approaches are no longer enough; radical change and a re-think of service configuration are needed.

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Transforming local health and social care services

We are working with a range of organisations in adult social care, helping them create financial sustainability and find innovative ways to deliver services. Our work includes:

  • Developing a financial sustainability plan  we are helping local authorities examine current spending and understand how it may change, given local demographic, and economic trends. Together, we quantify supply and demand identifying ways to manage demand and achieve better value

  • Modelling the costs of residential and nursing home costs we have developed a financial model that makes it easy to analyse cost data (supplied by care home providers) in relation to fees

  • Evaluating the business case for telecare  we help councils build and evaluate the business case for telecare. We use quantitative models to project costs and benefits, and to establish which scale of rollout will produce optimum results

  • Mainstreaming telecare  where the business case justifies large-scale deployment of telecare, we work with councils to plan and carry out the programme of change to make it happen.

We are pleased to have been selected to provide telehealth and telecare consulting advice to the public sector by Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO). The new framework, with lots including telehealth and telecare managed services, and telehealth and telecare consultancy services, enables anyone in the public sector to buy these solutions using a pre-qualified route.

To find out how we can help your local authority meet the growing demands of its citizens, please contact us now.

To find out how we can help your local authority meet the growing demands of its citizens, please contact us now.

Greenwich Telecare
Introducing telecare for 3,000 adults, with no disruption to their care [5uSMnBDHOyA]

To find out how we can help your local authority meet the growing demands of its citizens, please contact us now.


Steve Carefull
Steve Carefull
Adult social care
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