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Improving R&D effectiveness for pharmaceutical and biotechnology  companies

Research and development costs are increasing for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies while blockbuster drugs are coming off patent without pipelines to replenish the lost revenue.

PA Consulting Group works with R&D organisations to meet this challenge  including: improving the management of science; planning and delivering development effectively through complex project management; establishment of good governance to facilitate local productivity within global rules; and effective management of clinical resources and other traditional bottlenecks.

We also help our pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients create dynamic and high performance organisations where cultural sensitivity, reward and recognition, and virtual collaborations are all employed to create sustained business transformation.

PA provides a range of R&D services from strategy consulting through to product and process development.

Strategy, management and organisation

PA helps pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to establish the strategic direction of their technology platforms and market entry strategies. This includes implementing new business models, developing governance structures and defining new and standardised R&D pathways.


PA is uniquely placed to help research groups review and improve their work because our teams are typically staffed with ex-industry experts who combine their scientific experience with management, consulting and other specialised skills such as decision science, IT architecture and change management.

Formulation, product and process development.

We are able to take life sciences projects from the early stages of development through to production.

Clinical development

PA helps pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients to create value through highly effective collaborative clinical development.

Regulatory information management

PA has a proven approach to managing regulatory information that ensures pragmatic analysis of key requirements (such as business process, functional, technical, training, QA, security and audit requirements) giving an outcome that is more likely to be right first time.

R&D performance improvement

All pharmaceutical executives are concerned to maximise the value that R&D can add and most companies are undertaking R&D performance improvement initiatives.

However success in these initiatives faces challenges such as the long timescales of R&D and subjective criteria for agreement on performance in a creative, high-risk environment.

PA's expertise in change management and quantitative performance modelling offers key services in support of R&D performance improvement.

To discuss specific ways of improving R&D effectiveness with one of our healthcare experts, please contact us now.

George Botsakos
Life sciences
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