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 TRANSPORT security

The difference we make

Evolving security threats mean increased disruption and cost when moving people and goods around the world.

Understanding the threat, mitigating the risk of security incidents and delivering an effective and compliant long-term strategy will keep you competitive as your customers' and passengers' needs change.


PA opinion

  • Smarter borders: strengthening border security through integration | Policing The pressure around border security are real and changing, and likely to intensify. Now, more than ever, governments need their borders to be properly secure. 01/12/2011
  • Cyber resilience: airports need to address digital security Digitalisation and the evolving and obscure threat of cyber-attacks are top priority for CI/SOs. Our recent assessments of 4 major international airports demonstrate three key areas of complacency in the industry that must be addressed in order to avoid costly disruption 05/06/2017
  • Why security culture is a people gameBuild an engaging security culture that's interesting and relevant to your people. 03/06/2016
  • The opportunity of BrexitIt is clear from our conversations with senior government and industry experts in the aerospace, defence and security (ADS) sector that the prolonged political and economic instability of Brexit will bring additional challenges to a sector that has already been tested by a long-term reduction in spending. 28/09/2016
  • The digitalisation of tower servicesDigital technology, which has already transformed many aspects of our lives, is about to do the same for aviation. 27/01/2017
  • Working together to deliver prosperity and securityFor the first time in a decade, the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) brings into focus the importance of global prosperity to national security, and the role that defence and security plays in bringing prosperity to the UK. 24/11/2015

PA in the media

What we can do for you

We work at the front line of transport, from international regulators to operators of infrastructure and transport modes, to help you:

  • Better understand evolving threats, and how they affect your organisation
  • Address both physical and cyber security vulnerabilities
  • Strengthen resilience as part of a long-term risk mitigation strategy
  • Deepen your understanding of customer expectations and how you can use them to drive competitive advantage
  • Navigate upcoming security regulations to ensure compliance
  • Evaluate the right tools, technologies and people to guarantee security – now and in the future

Client stories

Client story

How we’ll work with you

We know what great transport security looks like. Our integrated approach offers expertise and advice across transport, technology and innovation and defence and security to deliver the right result.

Through our work with industry leaders to develop regulatory frameworks, deliver transport security technology solutions and grow a resilient culture and operations with organisations, we can help you achieve your goals.


Find out more about our work in transport.

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