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"Thriving in this slow recovery is a performance challenge. Reappraising strategy and operations as well as offering tailored products, manufactured in factories with a footprint adapted to their customers’ demand, are key."


Achieving best-in-class global manufacturing through performance excellence

For manufacturing businesses, optimising performance in a global economy where recovery is slow and uncertain is vital. This holds true whether a company is seeking to maintain its leading position, close the gap on competitors or make dramatic improvements to protect or restore profitability.

Challenged to achieve performance excellence, global manufacturing businesses must reappraise their strategy and operations. PA’s Performance Excellence programme covers the key areas where manufacturers must be at the top of their game.

Delivered by PA experts with industry experience, supported by our capabilities in technology and innovation, cost and process optimisation, global supply chain, production and sales networks, our Performance Excellence programme covers all dimensions of manufacturing performance to maximise the benefits we can deliver to our clients.

Download our Performance Excellence brochure and find out about our work in manufacturing, here

Our Performance Excellence programme offers manufacturing businesses a comprehensive approach to achieving best-in-class performance:

Challenging the direction

New and demanding customers are spread across volatile markets around the globe. Businesses must make a strategic decision on where and how to compete. PA developed a European manufacturing strategy for  Stannah Stairlifts to reduce costs and enable growth, delivering payback on our fees within two years.

Getting ready for growth

Many manufacturers are failing to exploit their full sales potential. This may be because they do not understand customers’ needs well enough or because their people are not equipped to exploit new ways of building greater intimacy with customers. Inability to embrace the full potential of information or new technologies such as social media may also be holding companies back. PA trained a car maker’s dealerships to convey a uniform brand message and improve customer experience across all markets, and developed a strategy for gaining commitment to the change throughout the organisation, from leadership through importers to dealerships. 

Getting the processes optimised

Manufacturing businesses can improve their capacity to achieve their target costsby optimising four key areas: overheads, R&D efficiency, supply and operations. Smart IT solutions, often cloud based, can also radically improve processes and make them more effective. PA implemented cost control for  Fiat, trebling the annual value of cost-saving ideas to over €100 million. We also realised a programme saving double-digit millions of euros across the product lifecycle for  Magna Steyr

Getting the structures right

Today it is not enough to manufacture locally and sell globally. The growth of internet trading and mass-customisation of consumer goods means businesses must produce in widespread markets to stay close to their customer base. PA established a new manufacturing facility for  Siemens in China as part of its global production network to realise savings estimated at €1 million. 

Getting the channels working

As businesses grow in a globalised environment, supply chains have to be adapted accordingly. Innovative supply chains can also open up brand-new channels in areas like mass-customisation. PA reshaped the global supply chain for  MAN, cutting time and resources spent on fire fighting by up to 90%, and transformed  Carnival UK’s supply chain to deliver annual multi-million savings.

Getting liquidity fixed

To thrive in uncertain times, businesses must maintain healthy liquidity and optimise working capital and asset utilisation. PA restructured the operating, engineering, and purchasing functions of  Inalfa Roof Systems to deliver annual savings of 2% on the EBIT margin. For  Kennametal, we increased capacity utilisation at 10 sites by up to 30% in six weeks.

Our team of experts in performance excellence is committed to working closely with our client’s staff and management to create a lasting impact for their business. Our work ensures our manufacturing clients are in the right place and in the right shape to meet the challenges of tough times and unlock their full potential for growth.


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