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Cybercrime tipping point

Analysing public perceptions

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Summary of findings

Our latest survey reveals that demands on, and expectations of, the police in tackling cybercrime are set to grow significantly. Driven by the emergence of a new generation, and characterised by their lifelong exposure to the internet and digital media (dubbed ‘Generation Z’), police forces need to balance this new demand with the need to continue to tackle crimes carried out in the real world. They will also have to continue providing reassurance to older generations and find new ways of working with industry to tackle the threat.

Cybercrime Tipping Point: public perceptions [aFCo8YRVpeg]
Download cybercrime report
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Experience of different generations

Experience of different generations

Generations have different levels of exposure to the internet that shape their susceptibility and concerns about cybercrime.

The internet plays a much bigger role in Generation Z's lifestyle
Generation Z want more emphasis put on tackling cybercrimes
Generation Z are more likely to be victims of cybercrime
Older generations are less affected by cybercrime but feel more vulnerable

Public experience and expectations

The public have expressed a lot of concern and expect a national response

Half of the population are affected by cybercrime
Underreporting is an issue
Local police aren't expected to play a leading role

Confidence and satisfaction

The public are less confident and satisfied in police response to cybercrime

Public perception of law enforcement capability exceeds reality
Confidence varies regionally
Generation Z have more confidence in law enforcement
Victims of cybercrimes are less satisfied
Cybercrime Tipping Point - Public perceptions

Our research raises a number of vital questions for leaders with responsibility for tackling cybercrime. Our full report covers:

  • Generation Z and how they interact online
  • The most serious crimes and how to deal with them
  • Recommendations on how the police should respond to cybercrime

Download the full report

You can also discover the findings of our 2014 survey here.

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