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Grow your new product or service like a start-up

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Growth Hacking

Many large organisations struggle to grow their current business and seem unable to win customers in new markets. Product development is frequently delayed, new product releases usually result in disappointing customer adoption and marketing campaigns have only marginal success. After spending significant budgets, companies often conclude that their product does not suit customer needs. So how can could you launch successful marketing campaigns that fits your customer needs? Growth hacking will enable you to successfully launch and grow your product or service quickly against a small budget.

Growth Hacking is a growth methodology, which combines lean-startup principles, digital marketing, coding and data science. It is a process of rapid digital experimentation across the marketing and sales funnel in order to learn the most effective ways to scale sustainable customer adoption. It has become the most successful marketing practice for low-cost customer acquisition in the start-up scene.

Corporate Growth Hacking

Growth hacking becomes even more exciting in large corporates where resources, data and technology is already available. Large organisations use Growth Hacking in their corporate environment to launch successful new products and to grow their business exponentially. 

We enable teams to launch successful products and services by empowering them with Corporate Growth Hacking tools and techniques and giving them a Growth Hacker mindset. 

Growth hacking Rocket

Go to market
We help teams to accelerate future proof product development to enable successful product launches in the post-digital age

Growth hacking Thumbs-Up

Product market fit
We train teams to find product-market-fit by listening to the customer and through rapid experimentation.

Way of working batman

Way of working
We teach teams the latest Growth Hacking tools and techniques used by start-ups and how to use them in a corporate environment.

Our Corporate Growth Hacking Bootcamp allows you to develop products that have a high customer adoption. It teaches you how to listen to your customer while testing and optimising your product iteratively until you have reached your product-market fit. In addition, it helps you to find the most effective way to grow exponentially while spending little to no marketing budget.

There are various tools and techniques that Corporate Growth Hackers use to make impact

Growth hacking could be applied across sectors and within small and big organisations.

Growth hackers are marketers, data scientists, coders and product managers that are trained to specifically focus on building and engaging the user base of a business.

We have inspired many teams from a broad range of industries and sectors and helped them to grow their new product of service faster.

Participant - Randstad 

"It was very energizing to learn all these new and modern ways to launch and grow new products. We now have an actionable plan that I am looking forward to start working on."

Participant - Tax Authorities

"It´s amazing how fast we have learned and applied new methods of launching new products more successfully! Great that the theory was translated to practical implications immediately."

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Ruud Brink

Ruud Brink
Digital and Big Data expert

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