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Innovation matters

Innovation untapped report

Our new research

Our new innovation report reveals the insights from our research with over 800 senior executives, combined with opinion formed through our work.

The report summarises what successful organisations – our ‘innovation leaders’ – are doing right and offers pragmatic and actionable insights for innovation success.  

Download the report


Last year, our innovation research concluded that the majority of organisations are struggling to get value from innovation. Instead of ‘innovation as usual’, we found ‘business as usual’.

Despite a year full of societal, business and technological changes that offer even greater opportunities for fresh innovation, this year’s research confirms the skill and will to innovate have not yet improved in most organisations.

innovation untapped 2106

The inconvenient truth

The inconvenient truth is that despite the power of new technologies, and the ability of innovation to unlock new growth opportunities, too many organisations are missing out.

Innovation untapped
Three inconvenient truths

Learn from the innovation leaders

Despite these very real challenges, we are optimistic. Through our work as a consulting, technology and innovation firm, and in our research, we have found successful ‘innovation leaders’ who are realising a substantial increase in revenue and growth as a direct result of their innovation activity.

Innovation leaders

Our innovation report: four crucial priorities

In the course of our research we have found many organisations want to innovate but are faced with a number of barriers – people, culture, processes and organisational inertia. The good news is that organisations can break through these barriers, and tap into increased value and growth by learning from our innovation leaders.

  1. focus on the future
    anticipate and analyse the industry and technology changes occurring and decide how you need to innovate
  2. design innovation into your organisation
    create a customised action plan for the type of innovation you need to succeed
  3. create an innovation culture
    change the way people lead, work and are rewarded
  4. build a network for innovation
    use your ecosystem as catalyst for innovation.

Download the report

Explore our innovation hub
Explore our innovation hub

Find out more about our work in Innovation.

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