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Making sense of large-scale business transformation: lessons from PA’s business design survey

The successful delivery of large-scale business transformation programmes is a key issue for business leaders, not just for programme leaders charged with the practical implementation of business transformation. Without the capability to shape and reshape the business in response to a fast-evolving business environment, business leaders stand, in effect, at the helm of a rudderless ship.

PA’s survey, ‘Making sense of large-scale transformation’, takes a closer look at how successful companies are at getting the results they want from large-scale business transformation. We explore what weaknesses businesses need to address to do it better and, specifically, how business design principles can improve the outcome of major business transformation programmes.

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Troels Gregersen
Business Design
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Conrad Thompson
Business Design
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Download a copy of our business design survey report

Request a copy of the business design survey report

Our survey of over 200 executives explores how business design principles give you better outcomes from large-scale change programmes.

Request a free copy of the report

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