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PA Perspectives on

Nordic Financial Services 

In this issue we sat down with Björn Wahlroos, the chairman of the board at Nordea, Sampo and UPM. We also look at the European banking Authority (EBA) latest proposal to increase clarity for stakeholders on the PSD2 regulation, how to be a digital leader within financial services and that partner-driven innovation is more complex than it may seem.  

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Interview with Björn Wahlroos

We recently spoke to Björn Wahlroos, the chairman of the board at Nordea, Sampo and UPM. In a wide ranging interview he outlined his views on Brexit, regulation, the future of banking and his plans for Nordea.

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Bjorn Wahlroos

While most of the Nordic countries were on holiday in the month of July and well into August, the European banking Authority (EBA)  was working hard to finalise its most recent proposal to increase clarity for stakeholders on the PSD2 regulation. More specifically, the focus has been on Article 98 of PSD2, which requires the EBA to develop draft Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS).  

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Financial services are undergoing a massive digital shift. Consumer behavior is changing and there is a demand for digital, user-friendly solutions with 24/7 availability. Using technology as the key enabler, disruptive entrants are covering classical banking and insurance needs in new ways. Meanwhile, traditional players constantly fight to stay competitive through new product offerings, digitization of the core, and changed ways of working. 

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Enter digital leaders
Partner-driven Innovation

Disruptive technology, waves of regulation and volatile financial markets are driving financial organisations to put innovation high on their corporate agenda. As Innovation and disruption are changing the Nordic (and global) market as a whole, it requires “traditional” organisations to make radical organizational readjustments to stay relevant when their existing customer base matures.

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Nordic Q216 financial highlights

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