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Our survey reveals how provider employee health department leaders are handling the big challenges of today

Employee health departments provide critical services to their respective organizations – from new hire health risk assessments to exposure handling and employee population health management. To see how health departments were managing these challenges we conducted interviews with 17 provider employee health department leaders

Our interviews focused on three areas

  • Evolving along the employee health maturity model
  • Ensuring an optimal mix of skills and service models
  • Maximizing the use of cutting-edge technology systems.
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About our participants

Evolving along the employee health maturity model

Within large US provider organizations the scope of employee health services range from pure employee health to full population health. Our view is that a population health approach is the future model of employee health. Provider organizations looking to establish a population health offering to patients should view employee health as a natural starting point to develop and test the model within a controlled demographic.  

Types of employee health departments defined 

  • Employee health – provide preventative health services related to working within a healthcare organization. These include, but are not limited to, new hire health assessment, drug screens, immunizations, respirator fit testing, etc.  
  • Employee health plus Wellness – In addition to the traditional employee health services above, the department also provides general health coaching and monitoring (e.g. blood pressure and weight checks).
  • Employee health and Urgent care – Along with providing employee health services, the department also offers standard Urgent care services, such as providing care for minor illnesses. 
  • Population health – A Population health-based approach to employee health takes a holistic preventative care approach to managing the health of the organization’s workforce.

Ensuring an optimal mix of skills and service models

Clearly registered nurses are the backbone of employee health departments. However, large organizations have an opportunity to augment registered nurses with lower level providers, ensuring all department members work at the top of their license, while reducing the overall labor cost within the department.

The optimal skill mix

The majority of organizations operate in a local model, but to be best-in-class, larger organizations should operate in a hybrid model, maximizing staff efficiency.

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Operating the optimal service model

Maximizing the use of cutting-edge technology systems 

Employee Health is seeing advancement in Technology Systems that when used properly and fully can significantly reduce the workload of staff members. In particular, the advancements in data entry and analytics can significantly improve the efficiency of an Employee Health Department, freeing providers from hours of manual data entry. Additionally, the growth of data analytics capabilities allow leadership real time insight into compliance rates and an ability to identify potential risk factors.

Key Insights

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Key findings


By conducting a review of operations, staffing and technology, Employee Health Departments can maximize the value provided to organizations, while ensuring the highest level of safety is maintained for the employees.

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