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"ARN predicts the availability of End-of-Life vehicles every year. The used models worked well in times of moderate change. However, in current more turbulent times the predictive value was insufficient. Based on prior projects ARN asked PA to develop predictive models which it did very well."


Exploring the future to meet environmental targets

Auto Recycling Nederland

Auto Recycling Nederland (ARN) is the Netherlands' innovative solution to the problem of minimising waste from End-of-Life Vehicles (ELVs) in line with European Union targets. To fulfil its brief, ARN must safeguard its share of the country's total number of ELVs. That requires visibility of the future marketplace, something that has proved hard to obtain because of the large number of imponderables.

PA Consulting Group (PA) helped solve the problem by developing a sophisticated yet easy-to-use mathematical model that allows ARN to explore different scenarios. The team then worked with ARN to create a strategy for building market share, supported by a portfolio of suitable policy instruments. PA contributed a unique combination of expertise and knowledge, including strategy development and modelling, the economics of the scrap industry, automotive cost reduction and waste legislation. ARN can now be confident of meeting its statutory oblications and environmental objectives.

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