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Designing and implementing a new IT organisation - Sweden's statistics agency, SCB 

We transformed IT provision at Sweden's statistic agency to improve support for core activities.

SCB, Sweden’s national statistic agency, wanted to develop a coherent IT organisation capable of supporting its core activities effectively and of reducing spend on the highly customised IT solutions on which it relied. However, there was no mandate for long-term IT planning within the agency and IT had never been represented on the SCB board.

SCB asked PA, who had previously helped the agency to develop its IT strategy, to take on the role of acting Chief Information Officer and lead the joint PA/SCB team developing the new IT organisation. PA Provided a structured approach and best practice in IT organisational design, adjusted to SCB’s specific situation and needs. In addition, our work covered IT sourcing, competence strategy and recruitment of key personnel. It transformed the highly fragmented components of existing IT provision into a centralised organisation equipped to provide the proactive support the agency needed.

SCB’s new coherent approach to IT planning and provision means the agency will be able to substantially improve delivery quality and increased efficiency.

To transform your IT services or to find out more about our IT services, please contact us now. 

PAnorama IT organisation Government

PA helped us design a new IT organisation, improving how we support the provision of national statistics.



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