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Finding counterfeit operations through big data

Using PA’s social intelligence technology, we interrogated millions of data feeds from tweets, blogs, forums and news to help our client – a leading pharmaceutical business – create real life, highly accurate and relevant information to identify counterfeit operations relating to one of their leading blockbuster drugs. 

The counterfeit industry is actively destroying the reputation of pharmaceutical companies, preventing value and above all posing a serious risk to patient safety. 

Considerable resources are often required to investigate all potential suppliers of fraudulent drugs, and counterfeit operations are notoriously difficult to uncover in a global market within the right timeframe. We worked with our client to examine the vast amounts of data that is stored online to reveal specific details relating to counterfeit operations of a leading blockbuster drug. 

With our findings, we worked with the relevant security services to specifically identify the individuals and gangs behind the counterfeit supply operations; retrieving their locations, contact details, online activities, aliases and associations.  

Our work, delivered in only a matter of days, has greatly helped reduce the counterfeit activities (including the removal of online accounts and bringing of charges against the culprits). 

To find out about how your organisation could benefit from big data, please contact us now.

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