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Magna Steyr – securing cost savings for lithium-ion batteries

Magna Steyr is a leading global supplier of engineering services and components for vehicle producers. The company had developed a lithium-ion battery to be used in buses and commercial vehicles to help meet the challenge of green compliance, but found the costs were higher than the target price agreed with the customer.

Meeting the dual challenge of saving costs and green compliance

So they asked PA’s experts to help them reduce costs significantly from across the manufacturing process for this electric vehicle battery. We carried out a detailed analysis of the battery’s component parts and their associated cost. Together with the Magna team, we then identified where parts for lithium car batteries could be sourced at a lower price, and worked with Magna Steyr to develop 40 different technical changes that could realise cost reductions.

Finally, we negotiated with Magna Steyr’s suppliers to ensure the projected cost savings could be reached in practice. As a result of the work, Magna Steyr met its ambitious cost savings target whilst ensuring the buses and commercial vehicles it supplies batteries for are better equipped to meet carbon emissions reduction targets.

For further information on how your organisation can take a lead on cost-efficient electric vehicles and green business, please contact us now.

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Magna Steyr

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