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"We go beyond simple ROI calculations by helping our clients to secure ownership and buy-in from all levels of their organisation"


Maximising your ROI from Geospatial Technology

The value of geospatial technology has long been recognised by geospatial advocates and professionals. However, determining how to calculate and communicate the return on investment (ROI) from geospatial technology continues to challenge public and private organisations alike.

Recognising this challenge, two geospatial vendors separately licensed PA Consulting Group's ROI-driven Strategic Planning Methodology and published ‘how to’ handbooks, co-authored by PA.

These publications are entitled:  


These publications and associated toolkits can help your organisation:

  • communicate the value of geospatial technology

  • prove the value quantitatively so it is irrefutable (based in fact)

  • help drive toward the actual realisation of tangible value

  • to secure the right amount of funding to successfully implement and deploy geospatial solutions

  • drive decision making about investment decisions in geospatial technology.


PA helps organisations deliver value from GIS through building Geospatial strategic plans, business cases and implementation roadmaps. We also apply our core competencies in areas such as sourcing, organisational design, enterprise architecture and complex program management to help our clients realise value from their geospatial technology investments.

As an independent consulting firm with no partnership ties to vendors (they are our clients too) we focus on what’s right for your business, not ours.

For more information about these publications or to speak to PA expert please contact us.