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Business design

We work with you to design your organisation so that it performs at its best, now and for the long term.

Our designs don't just work on paper, but in practice too. Our impeccable record on implementation, with some of the world's leading companies, proves it.

We get all the elements of your business working brilliantly together so that your organisation is ready to meet its biggest challenges.

We combine business design expertise and innovative thinking with a strong practical focus.

Here’s what we can do:

  • Help you make sense of how your market is changing
    And work out how your strategic and business operations need to change in response
  • Bring together all the elements of your business in a seamless design
    How you serve your customers, how you organise and operate, how you use technology and how you make money
  • Work with you to realise your plans
    We'll make sure the improvements are embedded deep in your business so they have lasting impact.


Are you ready for the Customer 4.0 revolution?
make the artificial real
Experience Agile. Find out what Agile can do for your organisation.

Latest insights
and client stories

PA opinion

  • Disrupt or be disruptedWhat does it take to be truly disruptive? And what are the implications of turning a blind eye to disruptive technology? A day spent with leaders from some of the most disruptive organisations around, including Unilever, Ocado, and Amazon, helped answer that question. 07/09/2017
  • Working with the United Nations to reveal disruptive technologies that will drive progressTechnology innovation has been one of the great drivers of progress for humanity. From access to clean water and sustainable methods of production, to reducing poverty and ensuring health and well-being for all, we've looked to technology to help us solve these challenges. 11/07/2017
  • Proving creativity can be learnedThis spring, PA Consulting participated in NewCo-Boston where, as innovation experts, we were excited to host a creativity and design thinking workshop. 14/06/2017
  • Why the Circular Economy can improve the lives of the world's poorest Since the industrial revolution, the world has operated in a linear economy. As with many broken systems, it's the poorest that are hit hardest. The Circular Economy model provides a genuine alternative. 31/05/2017
  • Our latest research reveals that many organisations are missing out on innovation's potential. Are you? As a leader in developing and delivering innovation solutions across industry, we were keen to know how executives perceive innovation, what value they attach to it, how they embed it in their organisations, and how they use it to drive change. 06/04/2017
  • Circular EconomyWhat is the circular economy and how can it add value to your business? We believe that circular economy will be a disruptive force, and that businesses need to understand the opportunities and threats it presents. Companies need to rethink, and transform, and they need to do that now before they get left behind. 23/03/2017

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