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Business simplification

The difference we make

We help you simplify your business by removing unnecessary complexity so you can respond faster to changing customer needs and market trends.

Simplification makes a difference for customers, lowers your costs, makes change easier and empowers employees.


PA opinion

  • How to simplify organisations through great business designManaging complexity can be how businesses create value for their customers. 08/04/2016
  • Simplifying banking: short-terms steps to achieve long-term successBanks need to develop simpler ways of working that are better for customers, easier and cheaper to operate, easier to manage and that respond more effectively to market and regulatory change. 18/04/2016
  • Will organic growth lead to bugs in your business structure? Companies who deliver rapid organic growth risk creating unstable and fragile operations. It's worth taking a closer look under the skin of your organisation before the problems break through the surface. 04/08/2016
  • Preparing for retail banking's brave new worldFollowing the financial crisis, retail banks face the challenges of decreased demand, increased competition and new regulatory requirements. However, with over-engineered processes and unsuitable technology, few are proving agile enough to deal with the demands of this new world. To move forward, retail banks need to create a business enterprise architecture that allows them to implement rapid change. New regulations present them with the perfect opportunity to simplify processes and organisation, and acqu 30/08/2016

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What we can do for you

We work with you to reduce unnecessary complexity and remove clutter:

  • Identify areas of your business that have become overgrown
  • Streamline processes and remove unnecessary layers from management structures
  • Rationalise your IT framework so that different systems fit together easily.

We can help you rethink how the different bits of your business link up:

  • Rationalise product and service offerings and clear away pinch points that have built up with successive changes
  • Simplify product and service delivery through modular design, so you can offer choice but with minimal operational complexity

  • Understand how your teams and organisational units work together to create value for customers.

And we can help you get ready for the future:

  • Explore future scenarios for your markets
  • Root out hidden complexity and help you decide how to deal with it
  • Understand different ways to address the causes and impact of complexity.

Client stories

Client story

How we’ll work with you

We offer more than pure simplification expertise. Our global team includes sector specialists, so the ideas we bring you will always be relevant and practical. Our diagnostic tools will help you see exactly where complexity is destroying value and what impact reducing it will have.


Find out more about our work in Business design.

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