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Advising on Programmes

The difference we make

We help you overcome the delivery challenges presented by your most complex programmes, getting them on track to deliver the outcomes you want.


PA opinion

  • Agile - a chemical romance?A recent report stated that higher productivity and team morale are in the top five benefits of Agile ways of working. What could it be about Agile working that has that effect? Could it be chemistry? We've checked out the connection between some of the body's 'happy' chemicals – and one 'unhappy' one – and Agile working techniques. It's clear those techniques could make any organisation more successful. 05/07/2017
  • Programme assurance - an effective 'sleeping pill'?We have helped to deliver some of the most complex programmes in the world. This includes providing delivery assurance for the UK Financial Services Authority's Solvency II programme. 18/08/2016
  • Benchmarking your project portfolio into shapeBeing able to realise the full benefit from a portfolio of business change programmes is critical to organisational success. We have identified five critical success factors that will help you move beyond process and make successful benefits realisation a reality. 18/08/2016

What we can do for you

We act as your trusted advisor when you need to tackle complex or innovative challenges. We’ll help you make an honest appraisal of the risks ahead and help you develop an effective strategy for achieving your goals.

We help you:

  • Establish the rationale for and feasibility of delivering your programme – helping you build the business case for change, vision and outcomes you need
  • Lift strategy off of the drawing board and help work out how to put it into action – establishing the structure, team, approach, roadmap and controls that together provide solid foundations for delivery
  • Review your critical programmes – suggesting practical approaches to mitigate risks and make improvements
  • Turn around a struggling programme – providing recommendations and helping you make the changes needed.

Client stories

Client story

How we’ll work with you

We’ll bring a team of specialists and experienced programme leadership experts to share their deep insight from a wide range of complex programmes. You’ll find our thinking and advice honest and unconstrained, and not just focused on delivery methodology. We’ll help you address your complex challenges, devise new approaches and establish the team and ways of working you need to deliver successful programmes.


Find out more about our work in Implementation.

Contact the Implementation team

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