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Proactive PMO

The difference we make

Our Proactive PMO helps you to achieve the results you want for your programme by providing you with the insight to stay one step ahead and the capability to deal with the unexpected.


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What we can do for you

The Proactive PMO is built around a small, experienced team of delivery experts. They combine control and assurance with speed and flexibility to help you:

  • Apply good PMO practices: this maximises the likelihood of achieving your programme goals
  • Provide leaders with the analysis and management information to make informed decisions
  • Establish 'fit for purpose' controls: we give you a clearer, more accurate view of your programme and, with this, better control
  • Stay focused on outcomes: we help you maintain a clear connection from the vision and the benefits right through to delivery on the ground
  • Drive decisions and action: we establish a single source of the truth so you can make decisions based on accurate, complete information.

Client stories

Client story

How we’ll work with you

The Proactive PMO is an extension of your delivery and leadership capability. We work with your existing delivery teams and partners to provide support, coaching and challenge. We focus on the important interventions that will make the difference and enable your programmes to succeed.


Find out more about our work in Implementation.

Contact the Implementation team

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