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Innovation strategy

The difference we make

Our innovation team work with clients to identify and implement the right innovation strategies and capabilities to ensure that continuous, pragmatic, innovation drives improved business performance.

PA has successfully lead and delivered commercial innovation projects for clients for over 70 years. Our unique framework, and our tried and tested methods, ensure that our clients design and follow an innovation framework that’s right for them.

We have a broad definition of innovation, and advise on innovation strategy, leadership, design, and commercialisation, as well as bring a strong and deep set of technology capabilities to bear through our global technology and innovation centre.


PA opinion

PA in the media

  • Evaluation Centre - The credible leader, 1 March 2009The current economic climate makes strategic leadership difficult because it is hard to tell what the future holds. Will the organisation be healthy? Will it be half or twice the size? Times like these test leaders. There is an inevitability that the rules will change rapidly, and that key stakeholders and agendas will shift with them. Different economic scenarios that organisations face can impact the role that leaders need to take. 10/06/2009 18:42:44
  • PA Open Innovation Survey findings, 17 March 2010PA Consulting Open Innovation Survey among healthcare and manufacturing leaders reveals it's challenging, hard to measure, but beneficial to business. 18/03/2010 10:31:25
  • - Innovating in a downturn - Open innovation management the future for pharma? 18 March 2010To help identify key success factors and share learnings in open innovation management, PA Consulting Group has been speaking to R&D and marketing professionals from sectors ranging from pharmaceutical and medical device to large engineering and consumer products firms. 13/05/2010 17:23:49
  • European Medical Device Technology - The race for Open Innovation, 25 May 2010By PA's Paul Barrett. As a response to rapid technological change, knowledge transfer and talent migration, many companies have started to look for new ways to increase the speed and effectiveness of their approaches to innovation. To provide a competitive edge, many are turning to “Open Innovation”. 25/05/2010 15:26:59
  • European CEO - Open innovation: Practitioners speak, June 2010Companies are well aware of the attractions of Open Innovation, but research reveals that many are struggling to make it happen in a controlled way, reports Paul Barrett, specialist in Innovation Consulting with PA Consulting Group. 21/05/2010 14:14:38
  • The Times - Open Innovation: leading the way, 2 June 2010PA Consulting Group's open innovation work has been profiled in The Times in an article dedicated to PA. The article discusses PA's latest open innovation survey following a visit from Carol Lewis, business features editor at The Times, to PA's Cambridge Technology Centre. 09/06/2010 11:58:06

What we can do for you

  • Advise clients on their innovation strategy, with clarity of purpose and clear goals, innovation can be a powerful force for growth and operational improvement.
  • Design innovation into organisations, creating the right environment for innovation to thrive, and be successful, from creative idea to pragmatic results.
  • Build a culture which supports innovation, starting at the top with leadership strategy, but also the enablers of innovation inside an organisation which empower talent and make change happen.
  • Bring new and emerging technologies to bear to solve problems in new, faster, creative ways, ensuring that innovations can scale at pace.
  • Enable a network for innovation – whether it is a full corporate accelerator, through to simple hackathons, we advise clients on how to create an ecosystem of innovation.


Client stories

Client story

How we will work with you

Our approach is built on four core principles:

  • Rigorous analysis – so the strategy we develop makes economic, commercial and strategic sense.
  • Pragmatism – our recommendations are always grounded in the real world.
  • Collaboration – so we stay focused on solving your most pressing issues and develop strategy that your people 'own'.
  • An ability to execute – we make sure the strategy we recommend is achievable in practice and doesn't just exist on paper.

We believe strategy development is a continuous process. So we stay flexible, challenge convention and are always open and transparent in our work with you.


Find out more about our work in Strategy.

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