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Technology innovation

We help your business seize advantage through innovation. We work with you to exploit new ideas and new technologies, and develop profitable products and strategies to help you stay ahead of the game.

With a multi-disciplinary team of scientists, engineers, technologies, digital experts and designers, we can offer world-class product development expertise. 

We combine this with clear commercial insight – we’ve been helping businesses find ways to profit from technology and innovation for more than 70 years.  

And we apply exceptional cross-sector insight to your challenges too. We can bring you ideas from many different industries to help you discover smarter solutions faster.

Here’s what we can help you do:

  • Get better results from your investment in innovation and R&D
    Including getting your organisation in the right shape to innovate successfully
  • Understand which technologies have the potential to benefit your business
    And making sure your technology resources match your business strategy
  • Develop desirable new products and services – at pace
    From generating concepts to delivering the finished article
  • Reinvent your manufacturing capability and processes
    So that you can manufacture new products more efficiently and get them to market faster.

Latest insights
and client stories

PA opinion

  • National Security Capability ReviewThe National Security Capability Review (NSCR), due for release in January 2018, is likely to shift the emphasis from defence to the wider national security ecosystem. Prior to the NSCR release, our experts have collated ten insights that we think will be covered in the review. 11/12/2017
  • High tech and high touch trends that will influence the healthcare of tomorrowAt this month's U.S. News Healthcare of Tomorrow event, three main trends impacting healthcare providers and administrators were frequently mentioned: technology and analytics, population health and preventive medicine, and payment reform. 28/11/2017
  • The healthcare system of tomorrow is coming faster than we thinkAfter attending last week's U.S. News & World Report Healthcare of Tomorrow event, it is clear that the system of tomorrow will look very different. Three forces are driving unprecedented change: economics, regulation, and technology. 08/11/2017
  • Business as UNUSUAL at the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2017How can businesses innovate to accelerate progress towards the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals? Our CEO, Alan Middleton, posed this very question to a group of leading business leaders at the UN's Global Compact Leaders Summit in New York. 09/10/2017

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